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​Alejandro González Crivelli

Dancer, who knows balancing choreography and movement. Possessing a unique style, where the power, passion and experience allow mixing the new with the traditional tango, combined with a profound knowledge of dance technique and tango History. 


At an early age, in 1993, he began to dance the tango, learning from the best teachers of tango in the world, as Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, Chicho Frumboli and Osvaldo and Miguel Angel Zotto, Roberto Reis and Guillermina Quiroga, Roberto Herrera, Nito and Elba, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes and large milongueros as Gabito, Pupi Castello, Pocho Pizarro among others).


He has participated in the International Congress of Tango Argentino (C.I.T.A) as a representative of the New Generation and later he has participated as a teacher to the Master Event (2003〜2019). 

His teaching is very broad, since 1998 he has been teaching dance, history and culture of the tango in various places (schools, universities and private studies).


This led him to found in 2000 the School of tango-dance, "TANGÓPOLIS", with own teaching method, based in Concordia and subsidiaries in Parana City, Montevideo ( Uruguay) and Cuenca (Ecuador). And now there are many followers who dance his style around the world. 

He introduced the Tango Nuevo in Asia ( Japan and Korea ) , for the first time in 2005, giving classes and workshops for teaching the new dance techniques for two consecutive years . 


He traveled a lot of countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Brazil and Ecuador to make various magnitudes shows in different times.


He participated as a Judge and a Master in the 1st International Festival of Tango in Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Helsinki. 



She started tango in 2003, and then went to Buenos Aires for a long term to learn tango from many maestros. She has given numerous demonstrations at famous local milongas, and was the first Asian maestra invited to give lessons and shows at the "MIsterio Tango Festival (2010)" and "CITA (2019,2023)". She is also active as an organizer and has organized "La Media Luna Tango Marathon" and "CITA JAPAN".


Alejandro & Kumiko

These two great dancers and tango maestros, have been dancing together from 2018. But they have already demonstrated that this fusion of cultures and styles, resulted in an explosive and passionate couple. Their unique style surprises for its freshness, power and rhythmic ability . His instructional classes, make the students understand in depth, not only the technical concepts of the dance, but also its origin, history and passion. This couple give all their knowledge and good vibes always. They are currently teaching in one of the largest Tango Studio in Tokyo Japan. Also they are the creators of “ Tango College”, has hundreds of students, the most famous online Tango History Course in Japan.

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