​Alejandro Crivelli

Argentinian Tango Maestro with over 25 years of experience in the Tango show bussiness, Alejandro is the founder of “Tangopolis” a Tango dances school with branches in Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador.

He developed a dancing teaching method which is unique in the world.

His lessons and workshops are required worldwide, bringing him to visit many countries in Europe and Asia throughout his extense career. Alejandro specializes in New Tango techniques.

Alejandro was selected to be part of the most prestigious shows in the World: Tango Maestro at CITA Buenos Aires from 2005; Judge in the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Helsinki .


With Fiifteen years of experience in the Tango show bussiness and a deep understanding of the Traditional Tango; Kumita finds the Perfect balance betweeen modern and traditional Tango technics. This result in visually powerful presentations every time she performs. In addition he speaks flawless Spanish and English making the lessons she imparts together with her partner, funny, entertaining and really easy to follow. She was the only Asia Maestro to be invited to the Misterio Tango Festival and to 2019 CITA in Buenos Aires.


Alejandro & Kumiko

These two great dancers and tango maestros, have been dancing together for a relatively short time, but they have already demonstrated that this fusion of cultures and styles, resulted in an explosive and passionate couple. Their unique style surprises for its freshness, power and rhythmic ability . His instructional classes, make the students understand in depth, not only the technical concepts of the dance, but also its origin, history and passion. This couple give all their knowledge and good vibes always. As organizers of events they have demonstrated their strong imprint and experience in the recent CITA JAPAN 2018, bringing to Japan one of the most important events of all time.